SKSH Celebrates One Year of Opening Outpatient Clinics


Last year, the outpatient clinics in SKSH received about 6400 patients of which: 2600 in the oncology center, 1500 in the cardiovascular center and 2300 in the neuroscience center.

Dr. Myung-Whun Sung, CEO of SKSH stated during the ceremony which was held on this occasion that the hospital’s results indicate its success in providing exquisite healthcare services for the patients of the three centers. The cooperation between the medical office in the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, Seoul National University Hospital led to distinctive leadership and excellent services. He also noted that SKSH managed to receive several cases within its scope of work in the three excellence centers to achieve the required cooperation and benefit from the exquisite international services.

“Our hospital adopted international medical services that coincide with the international requirements and standards that are applied by recognized medical institutes worldwide”, he ended.

It is noted that on 2nd November, the outpatient clinics received various patients and this enabled our hospital to be one of the medical hubs in the region thanks to the UAE wise leadership.