As a patient, you have the right to:

Personal Privacy/Security
  • Have your personal dignity respected.
  • Be protected from all forms of abuse or harassment.
  • Confidentiality of your identifiable health information.
Cultural and Spiritual Values
  • Have your cultural, psychosocial, spiritual, and personal values, beliefs and preferences respected.
  • Have access to pastoral and other spiritual services.
Access to Care
  • Be informed of your rights as a patient in advance of the provision of care.
  • Receive care regardless of your race, creed, color, national origin, gender, age, or disability.
  • Receive all information that you need before giving consent for any proposed procedure or treatment.
  • Be informed of the availability of care and services at Sheikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital, and how to access these services or alternatives.
  • Ask for a change of provider or a second opinion.
Access to Information
  • Know the names and professional titles of your caregivers.
  • Have your bill explained and receive information about your charges, and any potential limitations your policy may place on your coverage.
  • Be told what you need to know to manage your health condition after hospital discharge or clinic visit.
  • Have your physician inform you and help you understand your illness, diagnosis, treatment plan and all anticipated outcomes, risks, benefits, cost (if any) and alternatives to enable you make informed decisions about your care plan.
  • Legally appoint someone else to make decisions for you if you should become unable to do so, and have that person approve or refuse care and treatment and services.
  • Receive information in a language you can understand.
Pain Management
  • Have pain assessed in a timely manner and managed appropriately.
  • Request a report about your healthcare, and to access and amend your medical record as allowed by law.
Concerns, Compliments, Grievances
  • Be advised of the Sheikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital compliment or complaint process.
  • Compliment or complain to your immediate care giver or Patient Customer Experience Management Office.

As a patient, it is your responsibility to:

Provision of Pertinent Information
  • Give us complete and accurate information about your health, including your previous medical history and all the medications you are taking.
Asking Questions and Following Instructions
  • Let us know if you do not understand the information we give you about your condition or treatment.
Refusing Treatment and Accepting Consequences
  • Follow our instructions and advice, understanding that you must accept the consequences if you refuse.
Fulfilment of Financial Charges
  • Pay your bills (if required) or make arrangements to meet the financial obligations arising from your care.
Following Rules and Regulations
  • Follow Sheikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital rules and regulations.
  • Keep your scheduled appointments, arrive on time or let us know, in advance, if you are unable to keep your appointment or if you would like to reschedule.
  • Leave your personal belongings at home or have family members take valuables home while you are hospitalized
Respect and Consideration
  • Treat other patients, visitors and staffs of Sheikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital with courtesy and respect.
  • Prepare yourself to leave when your doctor approves your discharge from hospital.
We value your feedback and use it to improve our service, for complaints and suggestions reach us at:
Customer Experience Management Office, 07-244-4444
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