Centers & Divisions

Division of Intensive Care Medicine

ICU combines physicians, nurses and allied health professionals in the coordinated and collaborative management of patients with life threatening single or multiple organ system failure, including stabilization after severe surgical interventions.

SKSH intensive care units have 4 separate ICU sectors and each ICU has 8 private rooms and 2 isolation rooms respectively.

Our specialty is expanded to cover all sorts of medical and surgical conditions which need intensive care and covers the 24 hour continuous management including monitoring, diagnostics, and support of failing vital functions as well as the treatment of the underlying disease. Our ICU nurses have outstanding patient experiences of these. Our scope of services include Airway management (ventilator, oxygen therapy), Invasive physiologic monitoring , Post-surgical patient care, Critical nutrition support, Pressure sore care, Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy patient care, Therapeutic bronchoscopy, Extracorporeal membrane oxygenator patient care for ARDS patient and supportive care of critical patients etc.

Our Doctors

Dr. Jae Woong Lee

Consultant, MD, MS
Thoracic surgery
Representative of Thoracic Surgery
Head of Division of Intensive Care Medicine

Dr. Sejoong Kim

Consultant, MD, PhD
D-Head of Division of Intensive Care Medicine

Dr. Jae Joon Hwang

Consultant, MD

Dr. Yung Hee Lee

Specialist, MD

Dr. Amr Mohamed

Specialist, MD

Dr. Ayman Farhan

Specialist, MD