Find Your Health Insurance Coverage

Insurance Company Network acceptable in SKSH
ADNIC Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze
AXA Star Plus, Star Seha, Star, Diamond
Nextcare GN+, GN and RN
NOW Health Worldcare advance, Simple care, Worldcare Essential, Worldcare excel, Worldcare apex, SOMPO
Inayat TPA Diamond, Platinum
E care Platinum/Diamond, Silver/Gold, Blue/Green/Classic(IP only)
Sukoon Insurance Premium, OIC -BUPA, Edge (Comprehensive Plus), Comprehensive , Signature (Standard)
International SOS All cards by means of referral from the company
MEDNET Insurance Gold, Silver Premium, Silver Classic
MSH International Enhanced, Premium, Platinum , Comprehensive
Dubai Insurance N1
DAMAN NW1, NW2 and NW5
WHEALTH International

Platinum, Diamond,Ruby,Pearl

B2,Basic(IP only)

Al Buhaira National Insurance Company Comprehensive plus, Comprehensive, Standard, Limited

Gold,Diamond,Elite,APN Plus, APN Premier.

APN , APN-GMC, APN-Thumbay, APN Edge, Essential-1, Essential-2 (IP Only)

Al Madallah Dubai Police
Metlife VIP & Gold
SAICO Gold,Amber and Bronze
NAS Executive(EN), Comprehensive(CN), and General(GN)
Neuron Comprehensive(CN) and General Plus(GN+)
Daman Networks SKSH
Regional Plus ADNOC
Exclusive 1
Exclusive 2
Comprehensive 1
Comprehensive 2
Standard 1
Standard 2
Value 2
TC 1 Exclusive 1
TC 1 Comprehensive 2
TC 1 Comprehensive 3
TC Plus 2
TC Plus 3
TC Plus 4
CoGenio Exclusive 1
AN Exclusive 1
SEHA Prime
Exclusive 1 Prime
Comprehensive 2 Prime
TC 1 Comprehensive 2 Prime
TC 1 Comprehensive 3 Prime
Al Aman 2
Comprehensive 3
Exclusive 3
Standard 3
Value 3
AHD Comprehensive 3
AN Comprehensive 3
Comprehensive 3 Prime
Al Aman 3
Al Aman 3 Prime
ADNOC Al Aman 3
ADNOC Comprehensive 3
Comprehensive 3 Pinnacle
Comprehensive 3 Peak
Comprehensive 3 ZHUH
SEHA Comprehensive 3
Comprehensive 4
Essential 4
Essential 5
Standard 4
Standard 5
Value 4
UAE Essential 5
Value 5
SGH Essential 5
BEH-RAK Essential 5
Essential 5 CCAD
Al Aseel


Frequently Asked Questions

My insurer isn’t on your list of insurance partners; can I still visit Sheikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital?

Yes, we accept patients with out-of-network plans, on a case-by-case basis, with Guarantees of Payment from health insurance companies or employers. Patients are advised to check directly with their health insurance provider(s) on their ability to claim reimbursement.

Do you accept self-pay patients?

Yes, we are open to patients who wish to self-pay. If you do not have health insurance or your insurance plan is not accepted, our team is available to arrange a consultation with one of our financial counselors to help guide you and provide financial advice. please call our Contact Center on +971-7-201-0393, +971-7-201-0371

Can I receive emergency medical treatment at Sheikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital even if my insurance provider is not listed?

Yes, in medical emergencies, all patients are able to receive initial medical treatment at our Emergency Department. Depending on their insurance coverage and payment preferences, patients and their families are provided the option to be transferred to another hospital once they are in a stable condition.



Please contact our Insurance Relation Department for any queries:





SKSH is located in RAK City Ras Al Khaimah along Taween and Didda Road and is on the UAE coast. It is approximately 223 kilometers north-east of Abu Dhabi and approximately 88 kilometers north-east of Dubai.

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