Other Projects

The vision was clear in that the initiatives should include various aspects of life and should not be restricted to just infrastructure projects. Therefore, HH the President of the UAE issued his directives for the launch of several projects relating to scientific research and the development and preservation of environment, including the project of Sheikh Khalifa Center for Marine Research in Umm Al-Quwain that is working on the study of marine life and carrying researches to preserve fisheries as part of food security and the development of fish stocks by producing millions of fingerlings of good species required in the domestic market in order to reduce pressure on natural fisheries, and the spread of fingerlings in creeks and areas suitable for their growth and reproduction.

Moreover, the initiatives launched a series of typical school projects, like Sharjah National School and Ras Al-Khaimah National School to contribute to the upgrading of educational work, and to cope with the steady increase in the preparation of students.

In Fujairah, the initiatives launched the water pumping plant which supply Fujairah with its needs of water.