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June 14, 2024

Assistant Director of Nursing (UAE National ONLY)

Website Sheikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital-Ras Al Khaimah

Job Summary:

Assistant Director of Nursing is responsible of assisting Chief Nursing Officer in managing overall operation of the nursing department in accordance with current international, United Arab Emirates Federal and local standards, guidelines, and regulations that govern Sheikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital, and ensuring that the highest degree of quality care is maintained at all times.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Oversees the clinical operations (i.e. ensures quality monitoring of patient care conditions, restraint use, pressure ulcers, etc.) of the nursing department
  2. Assists the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) in the design, implementation and evaluation of nursing systems that ensure consistent delivery of care and maintains and promotes patients’ rights and quality standards of care
  3. Works with the CNO to develop departmental specific nursing services goals and objectives consistent with hospital’s overall plans, goals and objectives as well as a working plan of action to attain these goals.
  4. Monitors the practice of nursing in accordance with professional values and moral principles and maintains confidentiality as appropriate
  5. Conducts nursing rounds with unit/ward based managers
  6. Coordinates and promotes the development, implementation and evaluation of departmental patient education programs in concord with nursing education staff
  7. Provides reports/recommendations as needed/required to the CNO concerning the operations of nursing services
  8. Collaborates with multidisciplinary team members
  9. Coordinates departmental training and orientation of personnel
  10. Develops and participates in the planning, conducting and scheduling of nursing education programs for career development
  11. Evaluates and confirms the performance of nursing staff
  12. Makes a safe working environment of professional practice and creates healthy organizational culture
  13. Assists in ensuring nursing staff awareness and compliance with Federal and State regulations relative to resident rights issues
  14. Assists in the development, implementation and evaluation of facility policies, procedures and guidelines on an annual and on-going basis (i.e. nursing, pharmacy, lab, physicians, medical records, etc.)
  15. Reports quality and patient safety issues to the CNO. Implements corrective actions to address results of audits as necessary. Works with the CNO to develop and implement correction action plans to address department deficiencies
  16. Participates in facility surveys and inspections as requested
  17. Initiates and participates in clinical nursing researches and quality improvement projects
  18. Leads and participates in committees and attends relevant meeting as requested
  19. Provides the monthly activity reports from all nursing units/wards, statistical data and annual reports
  20. Assists in nursing administrative calls
  21. Communicate his or her human resources and other recourse requirements to hospital leadership. This helps ensure that adequate staff, pace, medical technology, equipment, and other resources are available to meet patients’ needs at all times
  22. Have a process to respond to resource shortages to ensure safe and effective care for all patients
  23. Consider the services provided and planned be the department or service and the education, skills, knowledge, and experience needed by the department’s professional staff to provide those service
  24. Develop criteria reflecting this consideration and then select staff
  25. Work with human resources or other departments in the selection process based on their recommendations
  26. Ensure that all staff in the department or service understand their responsibilities and establish the orientation and training for new employees
  27. Performs other job –related duties as assigned line manager.
    *The duties and responsibilities stated above may be changed any time upon the operational requirements of the management and department, so the employee will carry out all other works assigned by the line manager.

Education Requirements & Experience:

B.Sc. degree in nursing or equivalent qualifications with min. of 3 Yr. study duration from an accredited nursing program, MSc in Nursing / Healthcare Management / Administration, & valid/current license and
  1. National:
A. Min. of 4 Yr. clinical experience post qualification and
B. Min. of 1 yr. in an ADON position OR 2 Yr. in a Senior Charge Nurse position.

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