International Fellowship Program


SKSH will offer specialized fellowship training program in Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) Korea for physicians who completed residency training.

State-of-the-art knowledge and skills in not only their clinical field but also advanced research can be directly transferred from renowned consultant s from SNUH.

A. Eligibility:
– UAE National Medical Doctor
– After residency training

B. Application period:
– From June, 2017
– Details of the application will be announced later at

C. Number of trainees to be selected:
– To be announced

D. Duration of the training:
– Minimum of 1 month, maximum of 1 year

E. Support provided
– Gown and an ID card
– Visa assistance
– Accommodation assistance
(Reservations etc, however, accommodation fees are to be paid by the trainee)
– Official certificate of completion after the end of the training

F. Education program of each clinical departments
– Cardiovascular Center
– General Thoracic Surgery
– Nephrology
– Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery
– Dermatology
– Infectious Diseases
– Neurology Center
– Orthopedic Surgery
– Radiology
– Endocrinology and Metabolism
– Laboratory Medicine
– Neurology
– Pathology
– Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
(Division of adult cardiac surgery)
– Family Medicine
– Musculoskeletal Tumor Center
– Neurosurgery
– Pediatric Cardiac Center
– Nuclear Medicine

G. Contact: