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The Family Medicine as specialty provides continuing, comprehensive care in a personalized manner to patients of all ages, regardless of the presence of disease or the nature of the presenting complaint. Family physicians accept responsibility for managing an individual’s total health needs while maintaining an intimate, confidential relationship with the patient.
The department plays a big role to enhance the importance of health promotion & early detection of diseases in the society with its main goal of reducing health risks and optimize health and productivity while lowering total health-related costs. Family medicine emphasizes continuing responsibility for total health care—from the first contact and initial assessment through the ongoing care of chronic problems. Prevention and early recognition of disease are essential features of the discipline. Coordination and integration of all necessary health services (minimizing fragmentation) and the skills to manage most medical problems allow family physicians to provide cost effective health care. Family medicine is a specialty that shares many areas of content with other clinical disciplines including the management of obesity since it has become an epidemic recently which threatens the population of the world, as a result, a large proportion of population is at risk of a number of short and long term health consequences. Obesity management in the family medicine aims to address the physical and psychological needs of overweight people and to guide the development of more effective programs of prevention and treatment. In addition to sharing content with other medical specialties, family medicine’s foundation remains clinical, with the primary focus on the medical care of people who are ill.

Our rewards in family medicine come largely from knowing patients intimately over time and from sharing their trust, respect, and friendship in patient centered manner. It is our pleasure going to the office every day and our privilege to work closely with people who value and respect our efforts.

Our Doctors

Dr. Hyeyoung Oh

Consultant, MD
Family medicine
Representative of Family Medicine
Division D-Head