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Department of Pathology provide the most accurate information to help doctors deliver the best health care service to patients. We deliver to oncologists: detailed diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic information through our pathology tests. The cutting-edge laboratory technologies and the latest knowledge enable us to be committed to patient-oriented practice in medicine with the most accurate diagnosis for effective treatment.


Morphologic features of tumor tissue received from the patients provide the most important components in the diagnosis and prognosis. This is done by through traditional H&E staining and special staining of tumor tissues through several steps from fixation to staining. We have a systematic tissue handling process to produce results swiftly within reasonable turn-around-time (TAT), thus making it possible to deliver the important test result to the doctors and patients as quickly as possible.

cyto-1 Cytopathology is a screening and diagnostic test using a few cells from. This test generates and provides important information for early diagnosis of a disease and for deciding on the possibility of relapse after treatment through observing cell configuration. We conduct screening tests and expert readings for body fluid tests (urine, mucus, peritoneal fluid, pleural fluid, etc.), needle aspiration tests (thyroid mass, breast mass, etc.), and uterovaginal smear tests.

immuno-picture-1Immunopathology is a test using antibody reactions that occur in response to specific antibodies that are expressed in the cells. This technology makes it possible to classify types and origins of cells, and to decide on which drugs or prognostic methods to use. We are focused on providing excellent immunohistochemical staining quality and deciphering valuable information from tissues.

Molecular pathology is essential for diagnosis, predicting prognosis and tumor response after chemotherapy. Our laboratory is equipped with the most advanced and innovative technologies dedicated for In-Situ Hybridization (ISH), capillary electrophoresis and Next generation Sequencing (NGS). Thus, we are able to meet the major demands in the molecular oncology testing such as HER2 amplification, EBV testing, analysis of microsatellite instability, robotic preparation of libraries as well as targeted sequencing of 22 cancer related genes including EGFR, BRAF, K-RAS, N-RAS and other 18 genes in the context of personalized medicine and in cooperation with experienced pathology experts.

Our Doctors

Dr. Hyo Jin Park

Consultant, MD, PhD
Representative of Pathology

Dr. Byoung Kwon Kim

Consultant, MD
Chief of Clinical Research & Education