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Surgery cures eyes injured by fireworks

A medical team at the ophthalmology department of Sheikh Khalifa Specialist Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah saved a 10-year-old citizen from losing his eyesight after a successful surgery.

The child’s eyes were injured when he was playing with fireworks at his home. The fireworks resulted in corneal burns, bleeding in the front part of the eye and cataracts.

Dr. Ewi Seok Han, a consultant ophthalmologist at the hospital, explained that the fireworks caused severe burns to the child’s eye and severe trauma in the front part, which led to blurring of vision and pain in the eye, due to the explosion.

Dr. Seok pointed out that the child had a bleeding inside the eyeball and permanent damage to its tissue, which caused blurred vision, headache and pain, due to the increased intraocular pressure.