Fellowship Program for Emirati Clinical Staff

  1. Objectives and scopesSKSH offers specialized fellowship training program for physicians who completed residency training or relevant educational program. In line with major scope of our hospital, this program is focused on several subspecialties such as oncology, cardiovascular system, and neuroscience. State-of-the-art knowledge and skills in not only their clinical field but also advanced research can be directly transferred from each renowned consultant from Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH).

    To pursue clinical excellence and Emiratization, the program will;

    • Bring the cutting edge healthcare practice to the UAE.
    • Enhance healthcare human resources infrastructure in the UAE.
    • Consolidate the affiliation between SKSH and local community.

    Also the international fellowship program includes below scopes;

    • Supervised by a preceptor.
    • Clinical observationship.
    • Attending all clinical conferences.
    • Clinical mentoring
    1. EligibilityPre-requisite for applicants must be:
      • UAE National medical doctors who finished their residency training.
      • The applicants should be employed under any governmental healthcare facility in UAE.
      • Eagerness to learn from SNUH in Seoul, Korea.
    2. Application
      • Training Site: Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH), South Korea.
      • Application Period: Open from 1th June, 2017 ~.
      • Training Period: 1 month – 12 months.
      • Due Date: All requirement document has to be submitted at least 4 months before your training.
      • Requirement
        • Application (Download)
        • Recommendation letter (Download)
        • Study plan (Download)
        • Commitment (Download)
        • Medical license
        • Certificate of employment from the medical institution at which the applicant currently works
        • Copy of the passport
        • Certificate of physical examination
      • Review process with The Medical Office, SKSH and SNUH (It may include the interview)
      • All requirement should be submitted to “clinicaledu@sksh.ae”
  2. Available Clinical Department<The international fellowship program is already ongoing and executing presently prepared with one-top qualified consultants and cutting edge skills and knowledge in SNUH along with well-organized and planned program set up in advanced system. After the applicants attend the observational program in SNUH, he or she would learn the skills through practices under the guidance of consultant physicians in SNUH.

    The below courses are available for the international fellowship program.

    • Oncology; Medical / Radiation / Surgical (Head & Neck / Breast / Thoracic / Gastrointestinal / Hepatobiliary / Urological / Orthopedic)
    • Cardiology / Cardiac Surgery
    • Neurology / Neurosurgery
    • Radiology; Diagnostic / Intervention
    • Anesthesiology / Pain management
    • Critical care specialist training
    • Minimal invasive surgical technique; Encompassing all departments
    • Any department upon request as Laboratory Medicine, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, etc.
  3. Cost of the course
    • Tentative cost per month.It may vary by the department to apply but may able to give tentative budget for a month as below.
    Item Budget Remarks
    SNUH international education &training fee Amount (4 weeks / 1 person): 3,000-7,500 USD
    Accommodation 30,000 KRW ~ 50,000 KRW/night( 25.00 $~ 45,00$ per night) Fellows stay at SNUH affiliated guesthouse (dormitory)
    Stipend, Per Diem etc. Be decided individually by each entity Additional budget to be added other than above

    Total expected amount of budget would be 3,750 ~ 8,850 USD per month (13,800 ~ 32,560 AED per month) plus additional allowance.

  4. Certificate obtained after completion of the course

    At the end of the training, SNUH will issue the official Certificate.