Centers & Divisions


Emergency department is located in southeast side of main building. It consists of 5 spacious sectors – Reception, Resuscitation Unit, Examination Unit, Clinical Decision Unit, and Acute Care Unit with 2 isolation rooms. We prepare 31 beds for all case of emergency with high technologies.

According to the service scope of SKSH, we provide best medical care to focus on disease of 3 center of excellence – Cardiovascular emergency, Neuroscience emergency, and Oncology emergency with 24 hour consultation system of relevant department. We also provide emergency medical service for the patients whose statuses are out of the main scope of SKSH. If the patient suffers life-threatening conditions due to medical problems or multiple traumatic injuries, the emergency team will provide the best care for the initial stabilization of medical condition and decide proper disposition for appropriate care.

According to collaboration with National Ambulance Service and Cardiology in SKSH, we provide highly specialized care in a timely manner to the patient suspected ST-elevation myocardial infarction in Northern Emirates.

Furthermore, as a part of H.H. Sheikh Khalifa Specialty Hospital, we will not only provide the best care for the emergency patients but also focus on education and research to achieve sustainable welfare and healthcare system in Northern Emirates.