LOWER LEVEL FLOOR Oncology Center (OPD), Nutrition & Food Service, Main Pharmacy
GROUND LEVEL FLOOR Ambulatory Outpatient Clinic (General Clinic, Specialty Clinic, Cardiovascular Center, Neuroscience Center, Rehabilitation Medicine), Division of Imaging & Lab (Radiology, Nuclear Medicine) Outpatient pharmacy, Emergency Medicine, Hospital Administration, Referral Center
1ST FLOOR Operation Theater, CATH Lab, ICU, PACU, Endoscopy Room
2ST FLOOR Division of Imaging & Lab (Laboratory Medicine, Pathology), Surgical Wards (Male), Surgical Wards (Female), Oncology Wards, Library
3ST FLOOR Medical Wards (Male), Medical Wards (Female), Cardiology Wards, Rehabilitation Medicine (Ward), Department of Pediatric (Ward)
4ST FLOOR Royal Clinic, Private Suites, Wards