The health and hospitals sector was given great attention by the initiatives represented in the opening of Sheikh Khalifa Public Hospital in Umm Al-Quwain on the occasion of the 42nd National Day.

The cost of establishing the Hospital came up to 557 million dirham, which was provided with the latest equipment, medical supplies, with capacity more than 200 beds, in addition to 30 beds in the Emergency Section.

The Hospital sections included Outpatient Clinics, Radiology, Accidents Section, Dialysis Center, Urinary Passages, Lithotrities, Surgical Operations, Intensive Care, Dental Surgeries, bone, eye, ear, nose and throat clinics, in addition to the supporting departments, such as Radiology, Laboratory and Physical Therapy, which accommodate over five hundred professionals and administrators.

Moreover, the initiatives worked on updating Rashid Abdullah Omran Hospital in Ras Al-Khaimah at cost of 120 million dirham to convert it into a maternity hospital that serves the inhabitants of the region and meets their needs..

As for Sheikh Khalifa Specialist Hospital in Ras Al-Khaimah, that is specialized in cardiovascular and Oncology, accidents and traumas, is considered at the top of medical projects in the country. Also, it is the largest and newest in the world in this sector. HH the President of the UAE issued his directives that this edifice should be a source of pride in the medical field and a pioneer in the service of human health through providing all resources possible for the success of those directives.

In addition, the initiatives plan included a series of medical projects, such as the Accidents Hospital in Sharjah, and a number of centers and clinics for accident on highways.

The Initiatives Follow-up Committee has recently adopted the project of establishing a Central Hospital in Fujairah.